Why the different types of citizenship?

Anyone can become an Honorary Citizen - you just pay the one Gulde and you get a certificate, plus a share in Forvik's profits as decided by the Ting (parliament). Full citizens must supply more details and make a binding declaration. We check to ensure no undesirable or criminal elements slip through. Full citizens can apply for a passport and bank account when available. Full citizens who are Shetland residents and those with strong Shetland connections can also become nominal land-owners, which entitles them to be part of the Ting. The Ting decides what happens on Forvik, passes legislation and decides how profits are used.

Isn’t Orkney in the same position as Shetland?

Very similar, but there are important historical differences. I have decided to focus all my attention on Shetland, knowing that success here will enable Orkney to follow.

What are your geographic co-ordinates?

Forvik lies just off the East coast of Papa Stour, which itself is off the West coast of Shetland at: 60°19'8.30"N, 1°39'48.54"W

What is the weather like?

Plenty of wind and rain! We sometimes get some really good sunny spells, but one Shetland saying is ‘If you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes!’.

Can I come and live on Forvik?

Forvik is only about one hectare, or 2.5 acres. The 8,000 plots of land are not big enough to build anything on, only to say you own some land here.

Why 8,000 plots?

There is a good reason, but I don’t want to divulge it until the time is right.

Why are you telling Shetlanders what to do?

I’m not. What I’m doing is proving what many people know, but don’t think anything can be done about – that there is something wrong in Shetland and that the government is getting away with it. My job is to show that a door exists and that it can be opened. After that it’s up to the people of Shetland whether they want to open it and walk through.