Oil Exploration

The Crown Dependency of Forvik Island wishes to enter into negotiations with companies with the ability to carry out oil exploration work in its waters. As new discoveries are made ever closer to Shetland's shores, it would appear to confirm the contention the Shetland itself sits on a basin of oil.

Only those with a proven track record need apply.

Forvik waters cover an area bounded by the following co-ordinates:

  • 60 degrees 19.28 minutes North, 1 degree 39.85 minutes West
  • 60 degrees 18.97 minutes North, 1 degree 40.4 minutes West
  • 60 degrees 18.80 minutes North, 1 degree 39.23 minutes West
  • 60 degrees 19.12 minutes North, 1 degree 39.81 minutes West

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