1486 Letter

Account of a letter by King Christian of Denmark to the inhabitants of Orkney and Shetland.

Copenhagen, 28 May 1469

[King Christian] gave the king of Scotland his letter of confirmation [følgebreff] to his subjects [undersaatterne] in Orkney and in Hetland, [to the effect] that after the negotiations which he had had with the king of Scotland, they should be obedient and dutiful to him, and give him their scat annually, until such time as he [the king of Denmark] or his descendants, kings of Norway, should pay to the kings of Scotland the money for which the said lands and islands were mortgaged ...

The original is not known to exist. The above account of it is translated from A. Huitfeldt, Historiske Bescriffuelse om huis sig haffuer tildraget under ... Her Christiern den Første, Copenhagen 1599, p.190.