Passports and Rules

Sunday, 15 April 2012

We are close to being able to issue passports. I need to have an idea of numbers, so please let me know if you want one. I have no idea about price yet, but it will be kept to the absolute minimum.

Next Court Appearance

I stopped carrying out the sentence imposed for my alleged traffic offences because I have an appeal pending. There is a court hearing on Wednesday to try to enforce the sentence. Should be interesting.


I have set out some basic rules for the website and for Forvik in general. I want Forvik to be totally democratic and I want to avoid a situation where one small group can take over for its own ends. Please let me know if there is anything I should change. Once it's finalised it will go out to all members to sign and will be a condition of membership for new members:

Rules of Forvik

Forvik is an independent State

The aim of Forvik is to develop the rules for a society under which the members of that society wish to live.

Every member is sovereign in their own right.

Every member is expected to accept the responsibilities of sovereignty as well as the benefits.

The intention is to find or develop, and then implement:

  1. A fair democracy.
  2. A fair money system.
  3. A fair legal system, the fundamental basis of which is: “Harm nobody. Honour your contracts”.
  4. An education system to develop the full creative ability of every child.
  5. To live our lives to their full potential.

Forvik will promote and encourage the formation of new independent Nation-States wishing to pursue the same objectives and will establish diplomatic relations with them in order to promote mutual interests. A Nation-State may have a minimum of one member.

Decisions are made by the Ting, membership of which is open to every member.

Every member is expected to take part in the voting to decide the issues at hand.

If any member is disruptive of the aims of Forvik, he or she will be suspended from membership, but may be voted for reinstatement by a majority of the members.

Until the Ting is fully functional, the Acting First Minister will take decisions relating to the early development. Those decisions will be subject to review when the Ting is fully functional. The Ting itself will decide when it is fully functional by means of a two-thirds vote of the full membership.