The Ting

The Ting is Forvik's parliament. It is a Norse word - Tings were the seats of justice and administration throughout the Viking world.

Forvik's Constitution is the first truly valid constitution in the world because every member signs it and thereby has a valid compact with the country. It is very short , but should be read in conjunction with the Ting Document and the Forvik Law Book.

Forvegian democracy is the first working democracy* that truly puts the power in the hands of the people. There are no elections. Instead, every aspect of government - the people and the money – are subject to a a continuous voting system where, if a candidate fails to maintain sufficient votes, he or she is replaced by the person with more votes. Voters give their votes to the person of their choice, but can change at any time. The amount of money at the disposal of each elected member can also be raised or lowered by the same voting system. The most important duty for any Forvegian is to vote for the people of their choice and how much money they have available to spend.

Every eligible member of Forvik takes part in the Ting by voting on the issues of the day and to elect their government representatives. Making full use of technology means that nobody is excluded, no matter where they live.

The Constitution, Ting Document and Law Book are in draft form for comment by members.

Click here for Ting Document and a list of definitions.

* The structure of Forvik democracy is heavily influenced by the work of Roger Rothenberger and his book Beyond Plutocracy.