Definitions for Forvik Constitution, Ting Document and Law Book

The following words are defined in this document thus:

Where no definition is given, The LegisTing will provide guidance.

Forvegian: A signatory to the founding documents of The Sovereign State of Forvik.

The Sovereign State of Forvik: The nation-state created by the Constitution: A nation of People united under Trust who pledge to be an internationally recognised Free State sharing common social, political and cultural ideals expressing a common Will.

Ting: The Ting is the generic term for the governing body of The Sovereign State of Forvik.

LandsTing: All Forvegians competent under law to vote.

LegisTing: The LegisTing makes the written rules by which legal entities are bound.

ExecuTing: The ExecuTing exercises the power of The Sovereign State of Forvik on behalf of Forvegians.

LawTing: The LawTing enforces and adjudicates the Laws of The Sovereign State of Forvik in relation to living Forvegians according to the fundamental principles of natural law and equity; and in relation to commercial entities according to The Sovereign State of Forvik commercial law, and adjudges all aspects of the law.

Settlors: Those people who grant into, or settle the Trust.

Beneficiaries: Those people who benefit from the Trust.

Trustees: Those people appointed, or required by law to administer the Trust.

Equity: Justice administered according to fairness and conscience.

Forvik common law: The law of the land complying with the maxim of causing no harm, injury or loss, or mischief in contracts; and where a breach of maxim necessitates remedy.

Natural law: In accord with nature.

Corporation Sole: An artificial person or legal entity created by law, composed of a single person and his successors.

Dignity: Recognition of the inherent humanity and frailty of the man or woman.

Capacity to discern: Able to perceive and recognise and comprehend competently.

Direct consensual democracy: The continuous process by which eligible Forvegians elect their representatives and control the finances of the state.

Dynamic voting: The continuous process to express the formal and current Will of The LandsTing.

Legal entity: An association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or trust, that has legal standing in the eyes of law.

Codify: to arrange and label Forvik's system of laws.

Forvik: The Sovereign State of Forvik.

Jury: A body of 12 eligible Forvegians selected at random who have taken an Oath and been given power to decide the facts of a common law case submitted to them, and to return a verdict.

Tingsmen: The administrative Trustees. They may be either sex.

The government, The Ting: The board of Trustees empowered and responsible for the linl