Welcome To The Sovereign State Of Forvik

Since its inception, the island of Forvik (which is part of Shetland) was intended to demonstrate what Shetland as a whole could do if it just asserted already existing powers. It was Shetland in microcosm. The purpose was to challenge the Sottish and UK 'authorities' to find out how they derive their power here.

The Sovereign State of Forvik has an international population and is largely a virtual enitty with just a small physical base. Forvik itself is about 2.5 acres (1 hectare).

More recently the focus has shifted to the Shetland mainland and the pace is hotting up. The Sovereign Nation of Shetland was formed (www.sovereignshetland.com) and we believe we are now reaching the end of a 10 year protracted engagedment with the courts to finally get an answer.

As the pressure gets greater, the reaction by the police and courts gets more extreme. Stuart Hill has been imprisoned twice, been convicted and sentenced to prison without trial and suffered other abuses at the hands of the Scottish 'justice' system. The establishment cannot admit he is right because the implications are huge - Think North Sea oil, so-called EU fisheries, even membership of the EU.

At the first hearing on jurisdiction (in 2011), he went into court with a 72 page argument and 120 supporting documents - and was slaugtered. In the latest case it is a 1-page argument and 7 supporting documents. All the court can do so far is dodge the issue by not allowing the question to be asked in open court, but, if the judge claims the power to try, sentence and convict him, Stuart has the fundamenatl right to know how he gets that power. How exactly is Shetland (and Orkney) part of Scotland or the UK?

This is the place to join Forvik, make a donation and sign up for the newsletter. Forvik membership can be paid annually at £20, monthly at £2 per month, or a single payment of £200 for lifetime membership. All income helps to support our efforts to bring the Scottish and UK governments to account. The newsletter covers all activity in The Sovereign State of Forvik, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland and The Sovereign Nation of Orkney.